Five Day Short Courses

Expense Summer Camps not an option this year?  Opt for a more economical choice. 
Horse Dreamers offers a five day intensive SHORT COURSES for kids and adults interested in all things equine. These courses provide three hours a day, for 5 days of high quality instruction (both English and Western) and fun activities to teach you what you want and need to know about horses

Don’t let the current Michigan economy stop you or your child from enjoying the summer camp experience offered through the Horse Dreamers Short Courses.

During this course you will learn about general safety and horse information, horse care and handling, horsemanship, parts of the horse and tack.

HD 0098

Intro to Horses and Riding – A beginner level course for those who have had little or no experience with horses.  Includes:  Level I general safety and horse information, horse care and handling, parts of the horse and tack, horsemanship (riding and horse handling skills), Level I testing and evaluation.

HD 0099

The Next Step! – For those who have already acquired the knowledge presented in HD 0098.  Includes:  Level II horse care and handling, stable management, horse/pony breeds, horsemanship (the next step in riding and horse handling skills), Level II testing and evaluation.

HD 0101

Trail Riding – Starting out in a safe enclosed arena and then expanding to the great outdoors.  Includes:  safe methods for encountering various kinds of obstacles you may meet along the trail, such as water, logs, mailboxes, etc.  Prerequisite – HD 0099

HD 0102

Challenge Level – More knowledge more experience!  Learn many things that will equip you to be a horse owner including:  Level III horse care and handling, bits and bitting, care of equipment, horsemanship (refinement), Level III testing and evaluation.   Prerequisite – HD 0099

Please reserve your spot early.  Class sizes are limited to a minimum of three and a maximum of six. Multiple Camp discounts are available. You may use one of our horses or bring your own (Coggins and proof of shots required).