Horse Dreamers offers beginner through advanced lessons to a number of students. Our program is designed to provide all students young and old a fun and safe learning experience. Students are taught not only to ride, but to care safely for the horses and develop the wonderful bond between the horse and rider.

What will be covered in the lessons?  Students will learn how to groom and tack their horses before they mount. Once in the saddle they will first learn proper body alignment which will help develop the students’ center. 

Lessons may also include but are not limited to parts of the horse, horse safety, leading & lounging of the horse, balancing exercises, pattern work- to develop stronger seat, etc.

Lesson Requirements:

  • All first timers must complete at least one private lesson to prove they are able to ride in a group.  
  • Once a student knows proper ring etiquette and can walk and trot off the lead they are ready to join a group.
  • Minimum age is 5 years, we recommend private half hour lessons for our youngsters.
  • Horse Dreamers has a 180lb weight limit.

What to bring?

  • Riders are expected to wear long pants with hard-soled shoes with a heel.
  • Riders are expected to wear a riding helmet either provided by us or personally owned.
  • Riders must wear weather appropriate clothing. Clothes should not be too baggy or bulky so the instructor can accurately see and judge the riders alignment.


  • Group Hr $30
  • Half Hr Private $35
  • Book of 8 Group Hr lessons $230
  • Private Hr $60

Lessons must be canceled 24 hours in ADVANCE or you will be charged for the lesson. If the instructor cancels a make up time will be offered. Lessons may be canceled in extreme weather conditions, or snow emergencies.